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"She has been called one of the most tender voices in dance and a stimulating aural aphrodisiac." 

Zara Taylor's voice has made a lasting impact on the dance music scene appearing on hundreds of albums worldwide, including singles and compilations. Best known for her intoxicating melodies and profound lyrics, Zara has been called one of the most tender voices in dance and a stimulating aural aphrodisiac. In 2006, while living in Montreal, Zara began her music career singing Progressive House with DJ Sultan (of Sultan + Shepard) and she gained international recognition with their songs ‘No Why’, ‘Be with U’, and the official remix of ‘Let’s Get Physical’. Zara then teamed up with Roger Shah, a.k.a Sunlounger for the massive hit ‘Lost’ which quickly became #1 on the Beatport charts in 2008, again in 2010 and yet again for its 10 year anniversary in 2018. The timeless winner won #1 Trance Song of the Year on ASOT Radio, and was recently voted one of the best trance songs of all time. Continuing this massive success, Zara & Sunlounger released more chart toppers and fan favorites with ‘Found’, ‘Feels Like Heaven’, and 'Try To Be Love', solidifying Zara as one of the most sought after vocalists in her genre. After spending nearly a decade touring the world as an EDM vocalist, Zara found her heart in the Okanagan of BC, Canada where she decided to take a short hiatus from music to settle down and start a family. Zara emerged back on the dance scene with her highly anticipated single 'Fire', and her chart topping Vocal Pack, 'In Pieces'.


Zara believes music has the unique ability to connect and heal both the listener and it’s creator. After many years of countless vocal requests from producers around the world, Zara wanted to offer more access to her songs. Since teaming up with Black-Octopus Sound for ‘In Pieces’ and her latest vocal pack "Music Box", Zara feels she has been able to further this connection and reach more people. Zara loves hearing all the different productions that are created using her pack. She says “it’s like a gift that keeps on giving” whenever she listens to a new remix from an up-and-coming producer, or sees one of the pack’s songs signed to a major label. Zara hopes her songs can help heal even just one heart and one listener at a time. 

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