in pieces

This vocal sample pack is an inspiring journey through 12 versatile songs, and is packed full of extras for music producers of all genres. Each song is labelled with key & tempo information and comes with a MIDI & reference file to get up and running immediately.

music box

'Music Box' takes us on an emotional journey through 9 song kits, with a bonus collection of samples and presets. These dynamic song kits include inspiring vocal content that speaks consciously and openly, utilizing Zara's unique ability to connect to her audience. The highly usable and versatile vocals come in both wet and dry versions. With a spectrum of keys including D#min, Emin, Gmin, Amin, Bmin, Fmin, and tempos ranging from 118 to 140 there's something to suit everybody's tastes. For the advanced producer there are even 2 songs completely freestyled with no locked tempo ("Hell is back" & "Empty Spaces"). As an added bonus, Zara Taylor Music Box includes Vocal Atmospheres and FX as well as additional sounds from producer Martin Graff. Martin Graff has provided extra Serum presets, Sylenth1 presets, Claps, Hihats & Rides, Kicks, Loops, Snares, and Midi for 3 of the kits.