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Dive into the rhythmic journey of “The Best of Zara Taylor," a global dance odyssey. Showcasing some of her favourite collaborations, the album reveres a spectrum of cultures spanning the Middle East, Asia, Western, and Eastern Europe, woven together with a vibrant array of EDM genres.

With 22 original tracks, mainly Classic, Uplifting, and Balearic trance, complemented by a handful of Progressive house tunes, “The Best Of Zara Taylor” pays homage to Zara's two-decade-long career.



Celebrated as a chart-topping vocalist with a global footprint, Zara Taylor’s ethereal vocals have been the heartbeat of the global EDM scene for over two decades. Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, Zara’s exploration through the rhythmic landscapes of EDM has been nothing short of extraordinary.

 Zara found her voice in the realm of EDM in 2006 while residing in Montreal, QC. Teaming up with DJ Sultan (of Sultan + Shepard), she quickly captured international recognition with mesmerizing tracks like “No Why,” “Be With You,” and the official remix of “Let’s Get Physical.” 


However, it was her collaboration with Roger Shah (aka Sunlounger), that thrust Zara into the stratosphere of EDM acclaim. Their transcendent anthem “Lost” soared to the summits of the Beatport charts, reigning as #1 not once, but thrice – in 2008, 2010, and its resplendent 10-year anniversary in 2018. With over 16 million streams on Spotify, the track has garnered accolades like the prestigious title of No.1 trance song of the year on ASOT Radio in 2008 and in 2023 was voted by over 40 million listeners as one of their best trance songs of all time. 

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